Appointment Information

New appointments last up to 2 hours. Follow-up appointments typically last 30 minutes. Please specify if you would prefer a longer follow-up appointment, which will be charged at my pro rata hourly rate.

Patients should be referred to me by another Doctor, usually a General Practitioner (GP) or Pediatrician. This is for various reasons:

  • Health insurance companies usually require it in order to cover my fees.
  • I often need additional information about a child’s health, for example, whether they are taking any medication.
  • I may need to ask another NHS or Private Doctor to carry out further tests, and they are less likely to do so if they did not initially request the referral (for example requesting blood tests).
  • In the UK health care system, the GP is responsible for the patients’ overall health and is the gatekeeper for specialist care. It is professionally appropriate to recognize this.

On occasion I can take referrals from other sources, including self-referrals, schools, or other therapists. However, I must have a GP’s communication details in order to do this.

I see patients at 127 Harley Street and 35 Great James Street. I work on Wednesdays and Thursdays (full office hours) and on Monday afternoons.

I do not routinely offer an out-of-hours emergency service, but rather, a purely 9 to 5-based consultation service. Emergency out-of-hours issues will require that you contact either your GP or a local A&E department. However, I will do my utmost to aid in the event of after hours emergency issues,  but cannot guarantee that I will always be available.

In some cases, I can undertake a home visit, particularly if the young person is not able (or willing!) to attend clinic. This will incur extra travelling fees, details of which can be given by my PA.